Today I bought my first legal bag of herb in Denver, Colorado. As I previously reported, last week, I was stopped and frisked by three NYPD plainclothes detectives who suspected that I was in possession of marijuana. They conducted a body search, over my clothes, that included my crotch, only to find that I had no pot or any other drug on my person.

Yeah, I got my joint copped by a cop looking for joints.

So fast-forward a week, and I’m here in Denver for the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup. This afternoon I met up with the Denver Post’s Marijuana Editor, Ricardo Baca. We’d been meaning to talk since he was appointed to the position a few months back. When he first got the job, and was being interviewed on The View and The Daily Show as being the first “Marijuana Editor” of a major newspaper, a few media outlets contacted me and were like, hasn’t HIGH TIMES been doing this kind of thing since, like, forever? Their intent seemed to be to goad me into saying something that might spark a rivalry. Instead, I publicly congratulated Ricardo on his new position and applauded the Denver Post for making such an enlightened editorial decision.

Today, me and Ricardo finally did the interview we’ve been talking about, and at the end he asked me what pot shops I’d visited in town. I told him that this was my first visit since Colorado legalized pot for recreational use, and that I was hoping he might take me to such a prestigious institution. Soon I found myself at Good Chemistry, a small store front on Colfax Avenue. They checked my ID to make sure I was of age, I waited on line for about five minutes, and then walked out with a quarter-ounce of Durbin Poison.

Ricardo took me over to the Denver Post headquarters, and I asked him to snap a picture of me with my beloved bag. Sexually manhandled by New York police one week, buying legal bud in Denver the next. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Anyway, NYPD, this bud’s for you.