The New York Post is getting all worked up about marijuana legalization. In a piece screamingly titled ‘Everybody smokes weed! De Blasio’s gonna legalize it,” the tabloid recounts the story of a Staten Island teenager resisting arrest after NYPD cops arrived to break up her “raging West Brighton pot party” following a noise complaint from neighbors.

Alexis Daniels, 16, was questioned by officers about the smell of pot at the house party, and allegedly told them, “This is the projects. Everybody smokes weed!” She informed the cops that she planned to smoke up as soon as they left, and that mayor-elect Bill de Blasio will legalize marijuana. The cops told Daniels to back away from the door, which she evidently refused to do, and tried instead to shut the door in a NYPD sergeant’s face. She was promptly arrested. Police say Daniels resisted arrest by yelling curses and “flailing her arms as she rolled on the ground.”

The NY Post gives the story a hard anti-pot spin, claiming that de Blasio’s support for medical marijuana and decriminalization of small amounts for personal use is “already causing Staten Island to go up in smoke.” Well, if de Blasio manages to decriminalize marijuana, maybe cops will stop arresting people at parties, and we’ll all be able to blaze in peace.