North Carolina took Todd Stimson's taxes -- then the cops took the medical marijuana he provided in "gift bags" to patients that produced the very same tax revenue. As reported by the Asheville Citizen-Times, on July 11, Stimson's home-operated Blue Ridge Medical Cannabis Research Corp was raided by the Fletcher Police Department. Dozens of pot plants were seized in the process. (Medical marijuana is not legal in North Carolina.)

The raid gives new meaning to "overkill." Fifty police officers and an AK-47-brandishing SWAT team were required to conduct the raid. Stimson was  charged with manufacturing marijuana and possession with intent to sell. He faces up to 10 years behind bars.

While the state readily accepted revenue from the tax stamps that Stimson purchased, the 42-year-old also believes his medical pot business was sanctioned by the state because he secured a privilege license for the art of healing via the N.C. Department of Revenue for three consecutive years, as well as articles of incorporation from the Department of the Secretary of State. Stimson clearly delineated his intention to provide cannabis education and medicine to patients. As he told the Citizen-Times: “Why does the state tell you, in a way, ‘Yeah, it’s OK,’ but then want to send me away for five to 10 years?"

The N.C. Dept of Revenue's website states that buying tax stamps only fulfills an unauthorized tax obligation, it does not grant the taxpayer legal possession of a prohibited drug.