Questions of the Week:

Q: I am an experienced hydroponic gardener trying my hand at soil. I am going to use a soil called Root Organics by Aurora and I am getting a couple of clones from a friend but they are in rockwool. Is it a problem to transplant the rockwool into the soil?
Heretic Hash Head, Earth

A: First, it is absolutely no problem to transplant rockwool into soil. Rockwool is inert and sterile medium (assuming you used a trusted brand name) and contains no acids. I would recommend that instead of soil you go with the fake stuff -- i.e., a soil-less mix. While this is technically hydroponics, I would not put Mother plants in a full-on hydro system; they need to grow big and lush, so place them in three- or five-gallon pots where their root systems can grow deep and wide. The peat-based soil-less mixes are airy, insect free and hold plenty of moisture.

Q: My grow space is 3’ x 3’ and 5’ tall. I have a 400-watt MH light and an ebb-and-flow hydro system. How many plants can I grow in this space while maintaining good health for each plant? I do not need to produce a lot, and I am still not sure what the best drying method is. Your advice has always been most straight forward and beneficial, thanks so much for your time!
Kim O., Texas

A: Since your space is pretty tight, make sure to keep your lamp as close to the top as possible with good exhaust up high. With a 3 x 3 ebb-and-flow tray and a short vertical limit, you might want to consider a sea-of-green (SOG) technique with nine to 12 short plants. If possible, choose a variety that will grow squat, like an indica strain. In terms of drying, slow is the best way to go.

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