• Moonshine and marijuana were found on Willie Nelson’s tour bus Thursday night. Six band members were cited – but not arrested – for possession. Nelson was not present when the officers issued the citations.

According to the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Division, “The band members were very respectful of law enforcement.” Also, “We did it (processed the band members) as fast as possible so it wouldn’t delay the concert.” …More @ starnewsonline.com

• Seems Colorado’s legislature would like to curb the number of medical users in the state by passing a bill to make obtaining (or renewing) a medical card more difficult. One state senator believes that such a bill could cut Colorado’s MMJ users by a third. …More @ 9news.com

• Speaking of Colorado, a Denver laboratory that tests pot potency so dispensaries can better advise their patients was raided by the DEA Wednesday. No information regarding the reasoning behind the raid has been made available as of yet. Samples of medical pot were seized but no arrests were made. More @ denverpost.com

• iGrow, a “15,000-square-foot superstore” dedicated to all things medical marijuana, opened in Oakland Thursday. The store sells equipment and offers classes for growing medical pot and even boasts an on site doctor to accommodate qualified patients who don’t yet have their recommendation. Plus, there’s the “Grow Squad,” expert cultivators who provide complimentary advise. Also, the store has the outright support of several City Council members. …More @ mercurynews.com

• Some folks get creative when smuggling marijuana across the border. Some get caught with 25 pounds of pot hidden under wet clothes in a laundry basket.