The advocacy group Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has been killing it in the billboard game lately. After ceasing the opportunity to place a pro-cannabis billboard at the AFC championship in legal Colorado, MPP is taking the message to the far-less-legal Northeast, where they've placed several billboards that question marijuana prohibition, astutely noting the comparatively worse dangers of alcohol and even football. In response, the increasingly week pro-prohibition group Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) placed their own billboard, which revives the arcane notion that pot kills personal drive. In addition to combating sensible regulation, SAM also waged a war on tasteful graphic design with their ad's bafflingly cluttered visual layout. 

Without missing a step, MPP came back with a similarly styled ad bearing a stronger argument as well as corrected spacing.

The flailing arguments keep coming, with Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions complaining to Attorney General Eric Holder about President Obama's pro-marijuana comments to the New Yorker. Reaching down to the very bottom in his bag of bullshit arguments, Sessions summoned the name of Lady Gaga, a professed marijuana addict. None of Sessions' aides have yet informed him that his name is a slang term for exactly what he needs. 

Holder fielded the half-brained argument with class, breaking Sessions' rant only to tell him that the government is making a concerted effort to keep cannabis away from minors. It's part of a plan that includes Holder's previously stated goal of allowing legal cannabis businesses to use the national banking system. Despite his efforts to ease the fears of banks in hopes that they will provide legal marijuana businesses with the same services as others, the banks are still skeptical. Basically, they won't feel safe dealing in weed money until the federal government actually changes the laws that consider it to be money laundering. As cold hard cash stacks up in dispensaries all over Colorado, inviting the threat of robbery, there are millions upon millions of reasons for an alleviating federal move. 

If Jeff Sessions is freaked out by legalization, he'll flip a shit when he glances just a couple of states over at Missouri. The state has approved 16 petitions for marijuana legalization and advocates will now poll residents to see which one has the most support. If there is sufficient backing, a recreational bill will be on the ballot this November. 

Southern states voting in recreational legalization may be surprising, but Texas? Not long after Governor Rick Perry openly supported states taking legalization into their own hands, proponents of a decriminalization bill that has failed four times before are slightly more confident that they will get through to Texas lawmakers this year. Additionally, there's a medical marijuana bill on the table--the most restricted, limited, conservative medical marijuana bill you've ever heard of. As stated in this Huffington Post report, it would effectively "create an affirmative defense for patients who use marijuana to ameliorate the effects of a bonafide medical condition and who are being treated by a licensed physician. The law would give a judge discretion to dismiss the marijuana possession charge against such a person or to proceed with prosecution." It may seem ridiculous to take such small steps toward medical while other states are charging forward with recreational. But hey, any progress on marijuana in Texas is a massive victory for the effort. 

T. Kid is the author of VICE’s Weediquette column and editor-in-chief of Karmaloop. Follow him on Twitter: @ImYourKid