The Washington cannabis industry now has a textbook that will assist medical professionals as well as members of the state’s legal marijuana commerce in keeping up to weed on the science of cannabis.

Earlier this week, the American Herbal Pharmacopeia released the first edition of their Cannabis Inflorescence, which was created as a valuable resource and reference guide for working professionals of the legalized marijuana trade.

According to a press release, the book was written by a team of scientists, who researched and collaborated on a variety of specifics in association with the growing, harvesting, storage and one extremely crucial element -- the testing of marijuana.

The ability to determine pot potency is expected to play an important part in Washington State’s legal weed market, and licensed testing facilities will be required by the state to utilize the authorized testing procedures outlined in the AHP manual.

The American Herbal Pharmacopeia is no stranger to developing textbooks for the plant sciences. They currently have about 30 publications, which cover the chemistry, harvesting, growing, drying, storage, purity standards, dosage, side effects and drug interactions in relation to a variety of botanicals.

Health professionals that have reviewed the publication believe it will serve as an important addition to the current medical repertoire. “The adoption of cannabis into the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia as a safe, effective and low-cost botanical medicine is a testament to this human-plant relationship and a significant footprint on the trail towards acknowledgment as such by a much broader audience,” said naturopathic doctor Michelle Sexton.

Researchers began compiling material for the Cannabis Inflorescence in 2011, after recognizing a need for accurate cannabis information in addition to published standards for laboratory analysis.

The American Herbal Pharmacopeia plans to release its second installment of the series, The Therapeutic Compendium, in the spring of 2014. The publication will focus on evidence surrounding the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

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