Stoners are often revered as a forgetful bunch with a less than satisfactory capacity for storing information. However, a new study indicates that die-hard marijuana users may not be as scatterbrained as previously theorized.

Researchers from the University of Amsterdam recently published a study in the journal Addiction Biology, which finds that the stoner memory does not actually diminish over time. In fact, researchers say they were unable to detect any reduction of working memory in regular marijuana users during a three-year study.

Lead study author and professor at the university’s Department of Developmental Psychology, Janna Cousijn says her team’s research “adds to the literature showing that regular cannabis use may not necessarily impair brain functioning.”

For many years, research has pointed towards marijuana causing the loss of specific cognitive functions -- attention span and working memory – which has essentially fueled many of “dumb stoner” stereotypes that many pot proponents are fighting against today.

However, Dr. Cousijn says that after examining a combined group of daily tokers and non-users, her team was unable to uncover any significant difference in short-term memory function -- the ability to store and recall information presented in short spans of time – essential elements for learning.

Overall, neither the stoned nor the sober showed any signs of diminished memory function during a follow-up study conducted three years after the research was initiated, giving Dr. Cousijn reason to believe that marijuana does not harm the performance of the short term memory.

She concludes: “I believe that cannabis use may not necessarily affect brain functioning. However, certain risk-factors may increase the effects of long-term cannabis use.”

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