The Alaska State Troopers (AST) recently released a self-serving study accompanied by an equally obvious statement of “Study Finds Marijuana Odors Significantly Associated With Marijuana Grows." Next up, they’ll determine cow pastures are associated with the smell of shit!

As reported by Alaska Dispatch, AST commissioned the University of Alaska/Anchorage to conduct the study over a 3-year span from 2006-2008 in which 200 AST pot searches were analyzed, with 197 resulting in actual seizures of pot. And while the three searches failing to turn up pot were not preceded by odor detection, these are hardly conclusive or comprehensive findings. Despite AST’s claims, the study itself admits that odor is not an infallible gauge of the presence of larger quantities of cannabis, with the “false positive rate” for searches that ended up with less than four ounces of pot seized being 9.2 percent, when it ideally should be zero percent.

The primary function of the research is to justify AST claims that detection of pot odors is a reliable indicator of the presence of pot on the premises and perhaps to bolster their odds of obtaining search warrants in such cases. The study conveniently was released after a U.S. District Court judge threw out the evidence against a pot cultivator busted when AST trooper Kyle Young obtained a search warrant for sniffing the plants when driving down the street, after an expert witness later testified it was impossible for Trooper Young to have caught a whiff of the weed in a passing vehicle.


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