A new study released by Tel Aviv University suggests medicinal cannabis use by senior citizens allows the elderly to reduce chronic pharmaceutical pill abuse.  

As reported by Natural News, the research was conducted at Hadarim nursing home in Israel. 19 patients between the ages of 69 and 101 each used medical pot three times a day either by smoking, vaporizing, or treatment via cannabis oil or powder. Patients were examined for an entire year by researchers looking for improvements in “quality of life,” such as better mood and ability to handle daily activities.  


And in 17 of the 19 participants, researchers saw those improvements – as evidenced by the subjects' weight gain, ameliorated pain management, improved communications skills, and lessened spasms and muscle stiffness. PTSD patients experienced reduced nightmares and increased beneficial sleep. 


Just as significant if not more so was the reduction in prescription medication use by test subjects. 12 months after initiating medical pot treatment, an impressive 72 percent of subjects used 1.7 fewer prescription pills a day on average.


Prescription drugs often carry severe side effects, so any reduction is desirable – as noted by researcher Zach Klein. Klein added he's working on another study to determine if medical pot can treat dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). His hope is that cannabis triggers the area of the brain controlling the swallowing reflex.

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