A new organic strain of pot from Boulder, Colorado has been named after CNN Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

"We selected the strain carefully," said Jeff Kless, owner of Helping Hands Herbals Dispensary in Boulder. "Choosing one for those who suffer from debilitating medical conditions such as cancer, MS, severe pain, nausea, anxiety and wasting, and need physical and mental recovery without the use of pharmaceuticals -- or for those transitioning off pain medication."

Gupta Kush calms the mind without compromising clarity, and is an excellent pain and tension reliever. The indica strain has its origins in the Hindu Kush Mountains of South Asia, home of the world’s most potent pot. GK has a rich green color and a thick, hashy, floral taste. Onset is said to be immediate and effects are long lasting, "causing waves of relaxation to move through the body, calming nerves, and allowing the user to get some deep conscious rest before drifting off to sleep," said Kless.

Dr. Gupta joins other notable public personalities with namesake cannabis strains, including Barack Obama, Willie Nelson, Bob Marley, LeBron James, Vin Diesel, Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Lin, Snoop Dogg, Chuck Norris, Elvis Presley, Michael Phelps, Connie Chung and Luke Skywalker.