New Yorkers are still in favor of legalizing marijuana. A new poll released late last week reveals the majority of the state’s residents strongly support the measure to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, which is currently making its way through the legislative ranks.

The latest public opinion survey, which was conducted by Quinnipiac University, finds that eighty-three percent of those polled are in support of legalizing medical marijuana, while fifteen percent are not. Although, these statistics indicate a slight decrease in support from February, the consensus remains unchanged: medical marijuana should be made legal.

"Medical marijuana in New York, and in every other state surveyed by Quinnipiac, is a no-brainer," said Maurice Carroll, assistant director of the Quinnipiac poll, which also surveyed eight other states.

Even when considering the issue of recreational marijuana, the poll discovered that the majority of New Yorkers believe it is no issue at all. Fifty-one percent of the survey participants reported that reefer should be penalty free, while forty-four percent said they do not support the idea.

The poll comes just days after the state Senate Health committee passed a bill by the skin of their teeth, which would allow medical marijuana to be recommended for patients suffering from over 20 chronic conditions. The measure was approved by a vote of 9-8, but only after Republican Senator William Larkin sided with the Democrats to swing the outcome. “I voted my conscience,” said Larkin.

Interestingly, the latest poll shows that it is just a matter of time before legal weed garners overwhelming support from the masses -- finding a strong backing coming from adults between the ages of 18 and 34, with the opposing forces being those over the age of 55.

"The age gap on the question of recreational marijuana is not surprising: Young voters want it by large margins, while older voters say no," said Carroll, who adds the divide will continue to narrow “unless young voters grow more conservative with age."

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