August 11, 2005,

Hello NORML Supporters,

Some years ago, NORML Advisory Board member Lester Grinspoon, MD (Author, Emeritus Assoc. Professor, Harvard Medical School) coined the term 'pharmaceuticalization of marijuana'. He warned of a time when governments will acknowledge the medicinal properties of cannabis, but only if the drug quality of the plant could be synthesized and the whole plant material is kept illegal for patient use.

This era is upon us right now!

NORML/NORML Foundation seeks to advance this important discussion in publishing 'Marinol vs. Natural Cannabis, Pros, cons and options for patients'.

You can view and/or download this comprehensive examination of a synthetic vs. a natural drug at:

*There is also an ongoing discussion online for you to contribute your viewpoints.

Because of support from NORML's members and the general public contemporary and relevant health reports concerning cannabis are made possible by citizens and cannabis consumers, like you, who thankfully care and share.

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cannabis law reform.


-Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director


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