Last month the New Hampshire legislature passed a bill approving medical marijuana. Today Governor Maggie Hassan signed the bill into law making New Hampshire the 19th state to legalize medical pot.

Qualified patients will now be allowed to posses up to two ounces of pot in New Hampshire. Marijuana must be obtained from one of the four licensed dispensaries established under the law. Each dispensary will be authorized to store up to six ounces of pot per qualified patient.

Unfortunately, patients will not be allowed to grow their own medicine – something Gov. Hassan has always opposed.

Hassan also persuaded the State Senate to eliminate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a qualifying condition to use medical marijuana.

Now that the bill has been signed, a commission will be appointed to work on implementing the new medical marijuana program. However, it could be two years before the program is operational.  

A similar bill passed the Illinois legislature last month, however, Gov Pat Quinn has yet to approve the law.

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