Last week, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act (H.R. 1523) was introduced in the House of Representatives. The bill would fix the conflict between the federal prohibition of cannabis and those state laws that allow medical and/or recreational use. As its name implies, the measure seeks to ensure that state laws on pot are respected by the Feds. California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher introduced the bill, which has three Republican and three Democratic sponsors.

In a news release, Rohrabacher said, "This bipartisan bill represents a common-sense approach that establishes federal government respect for all states' marijuana laws. It does so by keeping the federal government out of the business of criminalizing marijuana activities in states that don't want it to be criminal."

Thus far, the federal government seems flummoxed as to how to deal with the "adult recreational use" initiatives passed in Colorado and Washington. Obama says, "I've got bigger fish to fry," but realistically, Capitol Hill observers doubt any change in federal law will be passed this year.

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