Yesterday was the last day of HIGH TIMES 2013 Cannabis Cup Amsterdam, and we realized that we still had not taken the bus from Roest to the coffee shops. There are buses (which you can smoke on) that run from the venue to Centraal Station every 20 minutes. Ashamed that we had not taken advantage of this great perk, we grabbed a coffee shop map and headed outside.

The bus was waiting while blasting UB40:

Being from the States, I find it amazing that smoking pot is so open and free here in Amsterdam:

With everyone smoking laughing and singing along with the music, I almost didn't want the ride to end:

But once at Centraal we were quick to hit the first spot, Prix D'Ami:

We smoked a little, then headed for Resin, where we smoked some more:

Staggering out of Resin, we found 420 Cafe:

Lunchtime! Vegan munchies were in order:

Then we popped into Hemp Works and bought one of their wonderfully warm jackets:

We passed Sensi Seeds...and said hello to the legends:

We also paid homage to DNA Genetics:

One day is not enough for this tour! We didn't get to see as much as we wanted, but next year Amsterdam! We'll be here for the 2014 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup!