This month, we have a very special treat: A good friend of the magazine, activist and cannabis baker Louie Dixon Jr., has shared one of his potent medical pot recipes with us. These cookies are simple and sweet, and they’re guaranteed to knock your pain, nausea, or appetite loss right out the window. Plus they’re made from his beloved Aunt Carol’s recipe, passed along to his mother and then to Louie Jr. himself, who modified it for us stoners all the way back in the ’70s. Yep, he’s a pro.

Like many of our favorite peeps, Louie spent a good deal of his life in the fast lane, until a drunk driver caused the motorcycle accident that changed his life forever. Despite back surgery, liver-consuming meds, and a subsequent cancer diagnosis, Lou Dawg’s still going strong and sharing his secrets with us. And he’s garnered some great tips along the way – which only makes sense, since in 1997 he joined us for our annual HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and didn’t come back for a year, soaking up as much healing power and knowledge as he could during his time there. “I’d gotten so much healthier!” Louie proclaims.

Which isn’t to say that life became easy. Still struggling with all of the aforementioned ailments, Louie has trouble keeping on weight while working as a bricklayer, and he also has personal battles we can all relate to. So when you make these wonderful cookies, bake them with love: They are for counting blessings, appreciating what we have in life despite our pains and travails, and recognizing that struggle brings strength and that strong pot cookies bring healing.

Want to see how the recipe is made? Click here!