US Border Patrol agents conducting a routine search of a Canadian truck found more than 150 pounds of marijuana hidden in a shipment of frozen vegetables last week.

“This is a very significant marijuana seizure,” Acting Detroit Port Director John Nowak told the Windsor Star. “Extreme lengths were used in an attempt to conceal this shipment. I commend the CBP officers involved in making this seizure and stopping this shipment of drugs from reaching our streets.”

The shipment was destined for Chicago, but the truck was stopped for a “routine enforcement check,” which included an X-ray scan. After x-rays proved "inconcusive," the truck was searched and the weed was discovered.

Officers arrested, but did not charge the driver. He was instead turned over to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement who shipped him back home.

“There is no information for us to believe that he was in any way involved in this,” CBP Chief Ken Hammond told a news conference in the parking lot of the customs truck inspection area.

In all, 134 packages were discovered, amounting to more than $620,000 worth of weed.

Sorry Chicago.