Miley Cyrus appears to be determined to convince everyone, fans and haters alike, that she is not only one of the most ardent twerkers of her generation, but she is also an ardent pothead.

Over the weekend, just minutes before she was scheduled to host "Saturday Night Live," Miley tweeted a photo of herself sitting backstage dressed in a pair of piranha-tailored pants and a marijuana wife beater.

Now, while Miley’s Saturday night selfie may have instigated quite a buzz around social media circles, some die-hard stoners feel as though something just isn’t right about her narcissistic pot shot, so to speak.

For starters, what pothead has a fruit basket in their dressing room? As far as we can tell, there has never been even a mild case of the marijuana munchies satisfied by consuming anything from the fruit and vegetable family.

Incidentally, Miley did cause "Saturday Night Live" to start a bit later than its regular time. Was she toking up in the parking lot or just running behind because she couldn’t find the stoner section in Bloomingdale's?


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