As reported by The Huffington Post via Sin Embargo, the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) -- the most powerful political entity in the "Federal District" of Mexico City -- is responding to the endless violence that prohibition has spawned by sponsoring a bill that would legalize medicinal marijuana possession of up to 25 grams (just under an ounce), as well as permit personal cultivation and establish private cannabis clubs in the capital. The bill could be modified to allow for recreational usage, and officials seem to be leaning in that direction. Mexico City Deputy Vidal Llerenas Morales told Sin Embargo: "Most marijuana consumers aren't addicts. They aren't criminals. They are functional people."

The PRD's legislation is scheduled to be introduced in September. the announcement of the bill came on the heels of several public statements made by former Mexican President Vicente Fox who, in advocating legalization, even said he'd grow pot if it were legal.

Unfortunately, current President Enrique Pena Nieto rejects legalization, embracing the "pot leads to harder drugs" argument. But illegal pot leads to far worse. Seventy thousand people have died as a result of Mexican drug violence since 2006 -- when the official government "war" on the cartels was launched,