Rock legend and cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge showed up in New York over the weekend to give a mind-blowing performance and discuss pot politics at Albany’s Egg Theater. During the show, Etheridge took issue with the state legislature’s sandbagging efforts towards passing the Compassionate Care Act, and asked for Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state Senate to not waste any more time providing legal access to medical marijuana for patients in need.

“Tonight, I am calling on Governor Cuomo and the New York State legislature to stand with patients across New York and pass the Compassionate Care Act without further delay,” said Etheridge.

Etheridge is no stranger to the healing properties of medical marijuana. In the past, she has openly discussed her battle with Stage 2 breast cancer, as well as talked about how marijuana helped to relieve a number of the severe symptoms she experienced during treatment. “As a cancer survivor, I know the ravages of a serious illness, and patients who are suffering deserve access to a medication that can provide them relief,” she said. “Tonight, I stand with those patients, with their caregivers, and with the vast majority of New Yorkers who support medical marijuana.”

Fans had an opportunity Saturday night to sign a petition showing their support for New York’s medical marijuana program, an issue which Etheridge believes has lingered on long enough without the appropriate action. “It’s time for leaders in Albany to listen to the people of New York and to show some compassion to those who are suffering needlessly; it’s time for them to pass the Compassionate Care Act.”

“Let the governor know that, ‘hey, there’s a lot of people out there suffering who could use some medical marijuana,’ ”Etheridge shouted from the stage. “It’s good stuff. It really is.”

Time is running out for the state Senate to make a move on medical marijuana. Although governor Cuomo said last Friday that the bill still had a fighting chance, the state Senate only has until Thursday, the last day of the this legislative session, to make a final decision. If the Senate does not cast a vote on the measure, it will have to wait until next year to be resuscitated.

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