A California veterinarian recently weighed in on the continuing debate over whether or not medicinal marijuana edibles are safe for pets to consume. Veterinarian Doug Kramer expressed his belief that medical pot should be legal for animals in an interview with Vice magazine last week. 

Dr. Kramer said he first became aware of the efficacy of medical pot administered to pets when a client came in with a dog that was not responding to conventional pain medications and steroids and the owner wanted to treat the pet with medical marijuana.


Later, Dr. Kramer found that medicinal cannabis eased the suffering of his own dog Nikita who sadly died of untreatable cancer. Kramer told Vice: "At the first dosage she was up and around. I didn't cure her. It was just a question of increasing her quality of life."


Dr. Kramer recommends utilizing a glycerin tincture to deliver the marijuana medicine because it provides the most accurate dosage, crucial when administering marijuana to a pet. Last year we reported on a study that found the number of dogs sickened by medical pot had quadrupled since 2000 in Colorado. The tincture's sweet taste appeals to dogs and its versatility enables the pet owner to cook it into pet-friendly food products like dog biscuits.


And Dr. Kramer isn't leaving you cat owners out of the loop either; he claims to use it on felines more than canines as it serves as a natural and safe appetite stimulant for a species known for its finicky tendencies, especially when they are ill. Dr. Kramer states so long as an animal possesses cannabinoid receptors, they will respond to the medicinal qualities of marijuana.


Dr. Kramer has launched a website behind his campaign to legalize medical pot for pets.

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