Over a year after being acquitted of felony marijuana cultivation charges, Colorado pot patient Kaleb Young wants to be compensated for the plants that the Larimer County Sheriff's Dept killed in a 2010 raid. Young is also suing the department for damaged cultivation equipment. In all, he’s hoping the authorities cough up $210,000.

It all began in September 2010 when authorities raided Young's cultivation warehouse and seized his pot plants, destroying them in the process. Young argues police should have sought to preserve the plants, to be returned to Young after it was determined he was a valid medical pot patient.

In December 2011 Young was cleared of wrongdoing and his equipment and pot were returned to him. However, the plants were obviously useless as medicine at that point and at least some of the equipment was damaged.  

The Larimer County Sheriff's Dept filed to have Young's case thrown out of court on the grounds that the county is protected from civil suits but Young counters the state constitution holds that the government must provide recompense for seized property that later turns out to be legal – such as Young's premature medicine and grow equipment.

This case could set an interesting precedent and if decided in Young's favor, could have law enforcement thinking twice about ripping pot plants from their roots before the case is closed.  

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