Last year the Illinois Senate narrowly approved a medical marijuana bill that would make the state the 15th in the country to allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. While the bill has (also narrowly) passed two House committees, it has not yet been brought up for a vote in the House. 


According to State Representative Lou Lang – who is the bill’s sponsor – a majority of House members support the measure. However, Lang has stated that, of the 90 members that privately support the bill, about 40 would not approve it for fear of “political fallout.”


The bill would allow licensed patients with prescriptions to possess up to three pot plants. The state’s Department of Public Health would oversee the licensing of patients.


Lang is currently attempting to secure the necessary support before the measure is called for a vote. Lang already has the support of one influential figure – Illinois Public Health Advocate Dr. Quentin Young.  Dr. Young, who is the Governor’s personal physician, claims “The medical profession has no controversy on this, to speak of.”

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