As a means for getting the ball rolling, or in this case, the bong smoking, medical marijuana dispensaries across the state of Massachusetts have been forced to seek creative financing options because the nature of their business disqualifies them from utilizing traditional lending services.

Unfortunately, Uncle Sam is currently against the legalization of marijuana, so dispensaries needing to obtain start-up capital are unable to apply for small business loans or any other financing attached to operations dealing in medicinal cannabis.

Many of the 181 Massachusetts cannabusiness people who recently filed for a license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary had to first seek out capital sources from within the community, like restaurants, nightclubs, landscapers and even friends and family, just to make it past Phase 1 of the application process.

“Getting a financial institution to give you a loan is almost impossible; everyone tries and they’re eventually forced into an all-cash business model,” said Chris Walsh, editor of Medical Marijuana Business Daily. “What you’re seeing is that people with deep pockets and professionals from other industries are the ones getting involved.”

In order to obtain a license in Massachusetts, a dispensary must have $500,000 in escrow, which is a higher financial prerequisite than most other states. Despite the hurdles, recent reports indicate that nearly 160 of the 181 applications have passed the initial review.

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