Last month, medical cannabis advocates in Europe cycled from Valencia to Barcelona (over 300 kilometers) to raise 100,000 Euros for medical cannabis research. The 55 cyclists and volunteers rode through the beautiful mountains of Spain, culminating in a triumphant arrival at Spannabis fair, with a police escort, where they presented their check directly to Dr. Guillermo Velasco which will be used for independent medical trials to study how cannabinoids may be used to treat cancers such as glioma.

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour raises money for:
1. Medical cannabis research. We fund independent  studies by doctors and scientists (at Madrid’s Complutense University) who are combining cannabinoids with existing anti-cancer drugs (see our news section for updates on the research programme).
2. Legal rights. Working with ICAM (International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines), we are funding legal efforts to achieve equal rights for medical cannabis users at The European Court of Human Rights.
3. Medical cannabis awareness. Through our bike ride we are challenging popular misconceptions about cannabis, creating public and media awareness and bringing attention to our cause.

Here's video from day one:

Day two:

And day three: