On Monday night, the Melkweg was an energized, smoke-infused, theater of bass last night as three HIGH TIMES event favorites entertained the masses until late into the night.

Marlon Asher, the singer who released the smash hit "Ganja Farmer" a few years back, opened the evening with his trademark dancehall-roots stage set that had the crowd blazing up in no time. After delivering  45 minutes of well-crafted dancehall, Marlon dropped Ganja Farmer and the place went bananas. Great set from a true ganja activist.

Last on stage was the indie legend EL-P, founder of the equally legendary Definitive Jux record label that released indie favs such as Aesop Rock and Cannibal Ox.

Complimenting EL-P was another hip-hop hero, Killer Mike, who was channeling his inner Biggie Smalls as he commanded the stage with his larger than -- life presence.

After being awake for 27 hours, I only saw three songs from these two fellas, but what i saw was pretty damn good.