Weddings can be a chore, but they might just be getting better, thanks to some states legalizing recreational marijuana. Some ceremonies are adding a cannabis bar to the traditional open bar. And why stop there? Think vaping stations at cocktail hours and pot-leaf bouquets for the bridal party!

We all know that the effects of marijuana are less damaging than those of alcohol. How many of us have had just a few too many drinks at a wedding reception? While alcohol consumption has been liked to violence and accidents, adding a little weed to weddings can only increase the celebratory mood and ensure that guests really, really enjoy their catered meal.

Sure, smoking laws might pose a problem, but crafty caterers have thought of that. According to a story on the subject by Yahoo! News, some venues are offering THC infused food, which HIGH TIMES' readers know can range from Amazballs to a full Thanksgiving dinner.

Wedding site, The Knot, launched a poll last week asking how they felt about the inclusion of cannabis at a wedding: Nearly 1,000 respondents have chimed in. So far, 67 percent have voted "Yeah! I'd love to go to that wedding," 22 percent voted "No! Drugs don't belong at weddings," and the remaining 11 percent kept things neutral, stating "I'm not for or against it."

"Toasts and open bars are standard at weddings," Jane West, founder of Edible Events, a party-planning agency that focuses on private and glamorous cannabis events, told Yahoo! News. "There is usually somewhere at a wedding venue to also have a cigarette. Now we can also consume cannabis as long as the event is private. I am booking one shower and one wedding right now. For the bridal shower, we can start the day with a group breakfast that includes a THC-infused granola bar from a local company called Julie & Kate's, then the women will all go for a hike and finish with massages at a spa."