At least three influential officials at the state agency in Denver that regulates the booming marijuana businesses have found work doing cannabis industry consulting after leaving the division. The moves have state officials concerned that citizens will be sent the wrong message.

What, that weed is wonderful? Sounds like a pretty good message to us! What the moves does show is an increasing legitimization -- and commercialization -- of Denver's marijuana industry. We recently reported that many of the GOP are becoming interested in the marijuana business from a revenue standpoint…and it seems like greed might turn our adversaries onto business partners.

Matt Cook -- one of the three officials now working as a consultant told the Salt Lake Tribune that having former regulators advising marijuana companies how to comply with state laws can make the regulatory system run smoother. And, with the governor’s office predicting that medical and recreational marijuana stores in Colorado will do close to $1 billion in sales in the next fiscal year, the marijuana industry’s allure is difficult to ignore.

"It’s all about opportunity," said Cook, who is often credited with writing Colorado’s medical marijuana business rules at the Department of Revenue and now consults with both marijuana businesses and governments on regulatory issues. "Certainly this is a new and emerging industry, not only here but on an international basis. So, obviously, those who have knowledge have the opportunity to share that."