The Royal Canadian Mounted Police says that Mounties under the influence of medical marijuana will not be permitted to carry weapons or even operate patrol vehicles as long as they opt to smoke weed.

That is exactly what the powers that be told New Brunswick Mountie Ronald Francis, earlier this month, after his doctor prescribed him marijuana to help treat him for a serious condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Corporal Francis, who reportedly smokes up to 3 grams or 15 joints per day to help manage his PTSD, says that immediately after his physician prescribed him marijuana, his commanders stripped him of his firearm, put him on restricted office duty, and banned him from using his medication while wearing his uniform.

These restrictions have essentially yanked Cpl. Francis out of the front lines of his job, especially considering that his doctor has recommended he smoke marijuana three times a day -- at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

While his prescribed usage may sound like a lot to some, Cpl. Francis insists that it does not weaken his ability to perform the duties of his job.

“I'm just building up my immunity to THC levels, if I was to smoke two I'd probably get stoned to the point that I'm just totally relaxed. I'm still functional. But your nervous system is relaxed, and that makes a big difference,” he said.

Even though there is reportedly no official policy against Mounties using medical marijuana, RCMP assistant commissioner Gilles Moreau says that having Mounties smoking marijuana while on duty sends the wrong message to the public.

However, Corporal Francis says that after almost eight years of trying various treatments for his PTSD, including self-medicating with alcohol, he had no choice but to try marijuana as a last resort.

“It was for my own health,” he said. “In doing that I realized that I have to come first. The organization doesn't come first, Ron Francis comes first. For my own health. And I'm glad I did that.”

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