An Oregon medical marijuana farmer was arrested earlier this week and charged with second-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon after authorities say he shot a thief attempting to harvest some free weed growing in his backyard.

According to reports, police were dispatched to the home of 30-year-old marijuana grower Josiah Timothy Shirley on September 24 in response to an emergency call. When they arrived, they found Shirley standing over the suspected thief with a .40 caliber handgun ready to rock n’ roll if the thief so much as made a move.

The culprit wasn’t bound to go anywhere, as Shirley had already shot him once in the leg while the bud bandit was attempting to get away.

Shirley explained to officers that he had recently started sleeping outside with a loaded gun in order to guard his marijuana crop because he had been experiencing an onslaught of thievery. On this particular night, Shirley says he instinctively started shooting after waking up to a man clipping buds off one of his plants.

Unfortunately, Oregon law prohibits the use of deadly force against burglars unless they are inside a person’s home. It is for that reason a grand jury ultimately decided that Shirley had to face criminal charges. He was arrested on Thursday.

If convicted, Shirley faces a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years and 10 months.

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