Buying weed in Seattle just got easier with Winterlife Cooperative Cannabis Delivery Service. While ganga delivery services have been available nationally for years, the difference is that this time it's all legal.

Anyone age 21 and up in the greater Seattle area can call up and choose among a daily menu of marijuana and place an order for delivery. Prices run roughly $80 per quarter-ounce of weed, and cash is the only accepted form of payment. Delivery usually takes about 45 minutes.

The new, legal nature of weed delivery has the mainstream media tripping hard. TIME magazine says, "All Winterlife employees are referred to as “critters,” and even use soft-and-fuzzy critter names -- Fox, Owl, Wombat, Otter, Hawk, Panther, Bear -- rather than their real names on the job. So, as if ordering legal weed wasn’t a trippy enough experience on its own, your order will be handled over the phone and later arrive in the hands of Possum, or another delivery dude with some such name. In addition to pot edibles and various strains of marijuana, Winterlife sells a special “Critter Box” starter kit for $350, which includes a few kinds of marijuana and hash, as well as a vaporizer and a pipe. For each box purchase, Winterlife says it donates $100 to a nearby animal rehab center called South Sound Critter Care."

We think it's an awesome idea: you can order weed and a wake-and-bake breakfast without even getting out of your jammies.

Stoner heaven just got a little bit closer.