VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - One of three medical marijuana advocates suing the city of Vancouver after his federally licensed grow-op was raided, says the group is seeking an injunction against Vancouver’s grow busters drug team.

Speaking with Jon McComb this morning on the CKNW Morning News, Michael Maniotis, director of the B.C. Marijuana Factory, says the city claims he wasn't meeting city electrical bylaws, so questions why the drug squad was sent in.

“If there's a problem with electrical wiring in any building in Vancouver, we would assume that it's not the police who are going to raid the premises, open the doors and allow the city to come in and perform the examination,” said Maniotis. “There are other procedures involved, more civil procedures of course, to deal with any type of situation if the city believes there is one.”

No charges came of the September raid, but the city cut power to the St. George street home, which Maniotis says siphoned off his rental income.

The complainants are seeking a total of $400-thousand dollars in damages.