Marc Emery, Canada’s “Prince of Pot," has been released from a week of solitary confinement in a Mississippi prison. Emery has already served four years of a five-year sentence in the US for selling marijuana seeds online from Canada.

The circumstances surrounding Emery’s being remanded to the severe punishment of the Special Housing Unit (SHU) sounds as if it was a double-cross. Emery learned how to play bass while in prison, and he and a few fellow inmates struck up a band. With the permission of prison officials in the Special Investigative Service (SIS), photos were taken of the band performing, and Emery’s wife Jodie put them up on Emery’s Cannabis Culture blog in April. Emery was under investigation by the same SIS authorities who gave permission for the photos; they claimed that the pictures had been taken with a prohibited smart phone. Officials put him in "the hole" while they looked into the matter.

On Tuesday, June 11, Emery was released from solitary confinement after a staff person admitted he had taken the photos.