In an attempt to set the record straight, jailed cannabis activist Marc Emery explained that he smoked pot with Canadian Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau on one occasion. Emery used his prison blog to clarify an earlier statement in which he claimed to have smoked with Trudeau “four or five times.” According to Emery, the two shared several joints one evening in August 2003. On Friday, Trudeau denied that he ever smoked with the colorful "Prince of Pot."

Trudeau made headlines recently by not only supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada but also for publicly stating that he has smoked pot "five or six times" total – the most recent instance being three years ago at a backyard party.  

In 2010 Emery was sentenced to five years in prison for selling cannabis seeds in the U.S. from his website in his native Canada. Emery, due for parole in July 2014, did receive some good news when the U.S. Dept of Justice approved his application to be transferred to serve the remainder of his sentence in Canada