Marc Emery, the Canadian marijuana seed magnate who has been imprisoned in the US since 2010 for selling seeds by mail order and online, was approved for transfer to Canadian custody on July 9.

Emery was targeted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration and arrested in 2005 by Vancouver police acting on behalf of the DEA. He operated his seed business openly in Vancouver from 1994 to 2005, paying provincial and federal taxes, and donating much of the profits to drug-law reform lobbyists, medical marijuana initiatives, drug rehabilitation clinics, and other organizations.

He initially faced a 30-year prison sentence, but after a years-long legal battle, Emery struck a plea bargain to serve a five-year sentence. The plea bargain included an agreement that his two accused colleagues face no jail time He secured a deal with US officials to serve his sentence in Canada, but the conservative Harper administration refused to allow it and he was extradited to the US. He is currently being held in a medium-security facility in Yazoo, MS, where he recently spent time in solitary confinement.

The US Department of Justice approved the transfer, which must now be signed off on by the Canadian public safety minister. Marc’s wife Jodie Emery posted a message to her Twitter account asking for supporters to sign a petition to bring her husband home.

When Emery was arrested in 2005, DEA administrator Karen Tandy stated that his arrest was “…a significant blow… to the marijuana legalization movement.” However, since then, legalization initiatives for both recreational and medical marijuana have thrived, and a majority of Americans favor outright legalization of cannabis.

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