Follow these instructions and learn how to make better bubble hash at home using wet, trimmed sugar leaves, water and ice.

Story and Photos by Subcool

When cannabis trichomes are separated and collected through a process involving ice, water and silk-screen filters, they form concentrated, soft and extremely potent hashish that bubbles and melts near flame if prepared properly. This is bubble hash.

If you want to create high-grade bubble hash at home, the following process is simple and effective, and for small custom batches it’s impossible to beat the quality and taste. This method works for both 1- and 5-gallon-bag sets.

After you’ve harvested and trimmed your buds, separate the sugar leaves to make bubble hash. Remove all fan leaves and yellowing leaves, as well as anything not coated in resin. It’s important to use only high-quality wet sugar leaves for this process. Using wet leaves rather than dry ones ensures that less green plant matter will fall through the screen, keeping the hash super-pure.

Once you’ve collected your trimmed sugar leaves, make sure to store them in a freezer. (Note: Keeping your collected sugar leaves separated by strain allows you to make either pure hash or a specifically mixed creation.)

Once your sugar leaves have been trimmed and frozen, you’re ready to make bubble hash. First, line an appropriate bucket with your 1- or 5-gallon-bag set. Next, place a layer of crushed ice in the bottom of the bag-lined bucket (store-bought crushed ice works best, as the sharp edges break off resin heads exceptionally well) and top with the frozen, trimmed sugar leaves (about 3 inches deep). Then add a second layer of crushed ice and a second layer of frozen sugar leaves, followed by a final layer of ice. Once you’ve finished layering the ice and leaves, add cold water to just below the rim of the bucket.