NEW YORK (CBS) A marijuana-flavored candy is sold in big-city drug stores and on the web but some say it is really aimed at children. Now lawmakers may "just say no" to the controversial candy.

They look like minty-tasting lollipops. But they’re not made to taste that way, according to the manufacturer. Every lick is like taking a hit.

Although the nutrition facts show the candy is drug-free, still, the way its marketed and sold allegedly targeting young kids has outraged a group of lawmakers, parents and school officials in Suffolk County who are demanding marijuana candy be banned in this area.

Jeanne Knudsen is a Longwood District PTA member and parent.

"I have four boys and I am concerned about this," says Knudsen.

Web pages are full of the stuff. They advertise for things like "Hemp hogs," "Acapulco Gold," and "Gummy Bears."

Part of the marketing ploy includes warnings which say “do not eat and operate heavy machinery” and “you must be 18 to purchase candy.” That makes 10-year-olds want it even more say critics.

Still candy cigarettes and "Big League Chew" were successfully outlawed. The legislature is now debating the ban and will vote next week.

While Suffolk county police point out marijuana use is on the rise in this area, several rock stars have gone on the record endorsing the marijuana-tasting candy.