Magical Butter, touted as the world's only botanical extractor, pulls plant nutrients directly into butter, cooking oils, alcohol and lotions. Now that medical marijuana is legal in 20 states plus the District of Columbia, and non-medical use legalized in Colorado and Washington, tools for extracting THC and cannabinoids have become big business.

Not only is the machine popular with stoners, foodies have jumped on board: The contraption recently won the "My Story, My Ad" contest during the  Fancy Food Show in New York.

And the story is compelling. Garyn Angel invented a machine when a friend with Crohn's Disease was kicking around alternative treatment options. Long thought to be a remedy for digestive problems, marijuana seemed like a promising option, but how to extract the medicinal properties without the telltale scent permeating the house? Angel, a financial planner, envisioned a double boiler that worked on an outdoor grill. Some additional tweaks were needed: the machine now works more like a countertop slow cooker with the perfectly calibrated heat and mixing speeds needed to extract the maximum nutrients from any plant.

The first shipment of Magical Butter machines arrived at Angel's Port Richey, Florida office a year ago. The company's website went live that next month and by Jan. 7 the products were sold out at $150 a pop. Magical Butter's Facebook page, 61,000 fans and growing, has become host to botanical extraction know-how.

"I go to my dispensary and pick up the herb of my choice," Ted Rude told the Tampa Bay Times. "I put the machine on the counter. I take a 24-ounce bottle of certified organic canola or flaxseed oil and pour straight out of the bottle into the machine. I pour the herb straight into the machine and put the top on. I hit the temperature button and timer button and I walk away."

In two hours, he has a finished product that he strains and incorporates into Rice Krispies treats. He says that without his MB2 he couldn't control potency or dosage.

"Medical marijuana is expensive, so it's also important to know I'm not going to burn it or ruin it," said Rude "I'm off all of my hard medication since I started doing this and my health is now stable."