We’re back on the ground of this year's Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Expo talking to vendors about what's hot at this year's show.

Odette says, “We only do Amsterdam Cups, but have gone as buyers to other conventions. We just got in a new collection of Medicali and Deafstar Glass -- we are working hard to expand our vaporizer section and concentrate utensils. We strive to stock things for everybody’s budget. Whether you’re spending $5 or $500. We are based in Amsterdam. And that makes it all the more important for us to be here. Because we’re an online retailer, we rarely get to see people hold our product in their hands and see them happy when they walk away. We never get to see the satisfied customer. That’s the coolest part about being here: interacting face-to-face; this is the only time we take things out of the warehouse and sell directly.”

True Canna Genetics
True says, “This is our first year at the Cup. I love it. Last time I tried to come here in 2010 and my business partner and I got busted. We are based out of Amsterdam and promote the Amsterdam lifestyle. What I’m really focusing on is the whole extract game and breeding the terpenes and concentrating on the huge medical side of cannabis, not just cannabinoid level. The terpenes have just as much as an effect. We have a t-shirt company: Viva Sativa. We’re getting artists inspired by cannabis to produce work for us. It’s going to be exclusive, with only 420 shirts released."

Delta 9 Labs
Ed Borg says, “It’s our tenth anniversary; ten years and still kicking ass. We won first place for solventless wax at the dab-a-doo party last night for our “Dawg Brains” dry sieve. We have some amazing strains coming in, and we’re making a brand new website with a whole new team. Unfortunately, the police kicked us out of this year’s Cup, but we’re really thankful to Sea of Seeds -- they have helped us out so much. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to maintain a physical presence at the Cup."

Connoisseur Genetics
OJ says, “I got busted in 2010 when trying to come to the Cannabis Cup. Last year was the first proper Cup we entered, and this year we’re entering Girl Scout Haze, Diesel Dipped Cookies and Cookie Angel. We have a new Sour Diesel Feminized strain. We’ve got five new strains coming out this week: Strawberry Sour Haze, East Coast Sour Diesel Haze, Girl Scout Haze Cookie, Lemon and Mine Jones, and Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze. You can find our entry in the original Dampkring shop. We love the freedom coming here and being able to smoke and chill in coffee shops."

Mark says, “This is our first Cup, and our fourth year as a business with Greengo, which is based in Tilburg, Amsterdam. When the people came in and the atmosphere comes alive you realize why you’re here. This is more of an underground scene. Most of the expos we’ve done don’t allow smoking inside; it’s really awesome here. If the Cannabis Cup is here next year again, we will definitely be here. We really want to make a show out of it. We are mostly a European company. We have distributions all over Europe, and we’re planning on selling in the US within the next year. We have filters and grinders. You know how people sell weed in bags and sometimes plastic containers? We collect the plastic and recycle them into grinders. It’s better for the environment."  

Serious Seeds
Thomas says, “This year we are released our first new strain in 10 years (Serious 6). It already made the top 10 strains of the year in HIGH TIMES this year. It’s amazing. We entered every category in the Cup -- Serious in Sativa -- nice uplifting high sativa. It’s fast flowering, finishes in six to eight weeks, and gives users a creative high and has a real nice aroma and citrusy taste. As also entered our White Russian Kush in hybrid category, Motavation in indica category and AK 47 wax in hash category. We just made a new website, www.seriousseeds.com, where you can buy our seeds online."