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A couple of friends and I got caught one afternoon when we were sitting in my car on the shoulder of the road in front of my house, passing a nice joint. We'd just made a beer run (two full cases), and picked up about 3/4 of an ounce of some good smoke. Having done this MANY times before, we smoked inside my car and didn't think anything of it.

A cop rolled down into my neighborhood (which is rare in itself). As he passed our car we hid the J, relaxing as he kept right on rolling and disappeared. Unfortunately, the pig went around the block, turned on his siren and blinkers, and came roaring down the street back in our direction. Practically shitting ourselves, we threw the joint out the window and lit up cigarettes to kill the smell.

He came up to the window and asked us what we were doing. I responded, "Just about to head out, officer". He asked us to step out of the car, and we refused seeing as he had no probable cause. He called his HQ and got a full search warrant. On our way out of the car we threw all our bags into my yard and I ditched my pipe under the car. Then another cop came with a dog. The damn dog found the pot (although mysteriously he did not find my pipe). We were all underage at the time, so the cop took all our cigarettes and stomped on them, then made us pick them up off the ground. He then made us pour the entire two cases of beer out into the gutter...bummer, huh?

He took our names and numbers, and said he'd call our parents, but never did. Just took our shit and ruined the night. The lesson to all you heads out there is this: always be on your toes while smoking. They'll be coming for you when you least expect it.