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I am writing this letter in place of my friend who will not see the outside of a jail for some three years. My friend had a date one night with his girlfriend and decided to get a little high before going to meet her. He smoked a nice fat joint and headed out the door. On the way to the date, my friend passed an adult goods store and decided to pick up a little something extra for the date. Unfortunately, the fool (I say that with love) tried to shop lift his surprise for his girlfriend. Well, the staff caught him and called the cops. Later I asked him why he didn't run or offer the staff all the money in his pocket (about $500). He said he was too high to think about it. D'oh!

The cops found about 10 grams of grass, a few hits of acid, and a few ecstasy pills on him. After a few months of jail he was let out on probation. Well then, you ask, why should I have to write this letter for him? Why not let him speak for himself? That's right boys and girls, he was arrested for smoking a joint just two weeks after getting out of jail. He was marked and followed from the second he left jail. He was thrown back in jail, and they gave him an additional year for the being a repeat offender.

My advice to my friend always fell on deaf ears, so perhaps one of you will listen. If you use drugs, never ever commit any crimes (except for the drugs)! Force yourselves to be a model citizen. Don't j-walk, don't speed, don't fight. So many people are picked up for very petty stuff, but happen to be in posession when they are.

Enough preaching, sorry. When you get a chance, please smoke a fat one for my friend.