Phil Mushnick writes a sports column three times a week for the New York Post. He's one of the sports industry's harshest, yet most incisive critics. He regularly writes about the history of hypocrisy regarding performance-enhancing drugs. In his latest column, Mushnick muses about how the sports world will handle Colorado's new era of legal pot.

"Will MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL players who smoke pot be driven to never miss a trip to Colorado so that if marijuana, inhaled anywhere, shows up in their systems, they can claim they legally smoked legal stuff in Colorado, thus no misdemeanor, no foul? Will the University of Colorado and Colorado State have good-stuff recruiting advantages? Will our big leagues get on board the “Cut-Me-In Train,” selling team-logo pipes, bongs, rolling papers, roach clips and single-hitters? Hey, recall how our sports once were anti-gambling? Colorado’s teams soon will disallow patrons from bringing/rolling their own. They’ll be forced to buy team pot. The Rockies are working on a blend, tentatively titled, “Buds Selig.” What’s that? … Nah, it’ll be a rip-off; mostly sticks and seeds."