Thanks to the voters of Colorado and Washington, marijuana will be legal in two states.


Colorado passed Amendment 64, which will regulate cannabis like alcohol while removing criminal and civil penalties for marijuana possession for adults. Amendment 64 also allows adults to cultivate their own cannabis – up to six plants in an enclosed space.


Meanwhile, Washington passed Initiative 502, which will also remove criminal and civil penalties for pot possession. Marijuana production in Washington State will be regulated by the liquor control board. The initiative also subjects pot sales to a 25% tax.


In other positive marijuana ballot news, Massachusetts legalized the use of medical marijuana. Question 3 won easily and will ensure that patients have access to medical cannabis. The measure will also establish non-profit treatment centers regulated by the state.


We're also happy to report that all four decrim efforts in Michigan cities - Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Ypsilanti - passed as well. 


Congratulations to all involved in the campaigns. Your hard work has paid off!


Let us know in the comments section which state you'd like to see host our next Cannabis Cup...