Years ago, it seemed that the cannabis community was dominated by males. Men were the principal growers and seemed to be the predominant partakers as well. But no longer! Over the past 20 years, we've seen more and more women embrace the miracles of medical cannabis and the joys of smoking recreationally. The Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam has also seen a marked increase the number of female judges, those who chose to spend their Thanksgiving sampling some of the world's best pot. Here's a gallery of portraits of women in different states of canna-bliss!

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At the Big Buddha Seeds booth, a friendly hostess takes a break with Blue Cheese.

Miss HIGH TIMES Sarah Newton stands with her May 2007 cover celebrating her coronation.

A fashion model struts her stuff with a joint firmly in hand.

Donna, a perennial Cup attendee, checks out one of the Cannabis Cup strains.

Clazina, Miss HIGH TIMES 2011, poses by a canal in the Dutch morning fog.

Tian took all week to finish this spliff!

Mila celebrates her honorary Cannabis Cup for her unparalleled work in the Dutch hash industry.

Ganja goddesses of all stripes and colors have attended the Cup recently.

Hopefully, you'll have a friendly stewardess to fly you home.

April poses with a Van Gogh and a cup of cannabis.