The clouds are here in LA today, but the vibe is high and happy anyway. Almost everyone returned bright and early for day two, despite being out late last night. B-Real hosted a stellar show with B.o.B and Young Dro, who both took to the stage and OWNED it. Today's mayhem will wrap with the HIGH TIMES awards, when we find out the strongest strains in the west.

Still in town without a ticket? We still have some! But they're selling out quick, so get here now.

Cannabis Cup attendees have excellent taste:

And they stick together:

As expected, weed is everywhere:

Dale Gieringer of CA NORML spoke on a very well attended legal panel:

As was the Danny Danko's cultivation panel with DJ Short, K and Dru West:

Elise McDonough, author of The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cookbook,  led the edibles panel:

Turtle power is important:

Miss High Times, Yvette Ramirez, is pretty in green on the Expo midway:

The 420 giveaway at the Dab Sticks booth was PACKED:

And then there was the show with a giant joint being shared by all:

B-Real kept it real while hosting the evening's festivities:

Young Dro wowed the crowd:

And B.o.B. ended the night with a bang...and a puff!