The show premieres 10:30PM on Tuesday night. The Boston Globe reports: Politics has always been a balancing act for MTV executives, who want to appeal to attention-deficit-addled viewers while fulfilling what executives see as their civic duty. (They also swear they're committed to being nonpartisan, and hope to do a similar show on President Bush.) That could be why, as journalism goes, this special feels a bit soft; there are no Russert-esque "gotcha'' questions; the biography is glowing, and the verite footage doesn't get more exciting than watching reporters bowl oranges down the aisle of Kerry's plane. But especially because MTV lets young people ask a fair share of the questions themselves, Kerry speaks on subjects you don't hear much about on the news channels. In one answer that has gained some attention, Kerry says he believes sexuality is innate. The reply is stark enough to prompt the 26-year-old host, Gideon Yago, to ask one of his few follow-up questions, this one on gay marriage and equality. And while Kerry gives a characteristically nonspecific answer about censorship, it's enlightening, in this blame-the-artists era, to hear him say of hip-hop: "There's a lot of anger, a lot of social energy in it, and I think you'd better listen to it pretty carefully, because it's important.''