They're finally letting corporations join the police state directly. This sounds like a beta-test in Australia before moving these tactics to the US. The BBC reports: Record company investigators have raided universities and internet companies in Australia to look for evidence of online music "piracy". The record labels were given permission by the country's Federal Court to swoop on 12 sites across three states. They were collecting evidence against Kazaa, the world's largest online service for sharing copied songs. Sydney-based Sharman Networks, which owns Kazaa, called the raids a "knee-jerk reaction" by the music industry. The Sharman Networks' offices and the homes of two of its executives were raided, along with internet service providers and three universities. This is a knee-jerk reaction by the recording industry to discredit Sharman Networks and the Kazaa software. The raids were carried out by a group called Music Industry Piracy Investigations, which is owned by Universal, Festival Mushroom Records, EMI Music, Sony Music, Warner Music Australia and BMG Australia.