Justin Bieber and his people smoked up big time on his way to the airport, TMZ is reporting.

Justin and company were smoking in an SUV on the way to the airport for a coast-to-coast flight on a private jet. When the doors opened on the tarmac, the pilot said that smoke billowed out, adding, "I almost had to put on an oxygen mask."

The pilot said, "It was like Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke."

While the pilot reported that Bieber did not toke during the flight, some members of his posse lit up Swisher Sweet blunt cigars: legal since they were flying private.

The pilot says Justin was "baked out of his mind" on the flight. Apparently his thought processes were diminished, because when he was asked to sign a credit card authorization, saying "huh, what? Who am I signing this for?'"