Grow Box
I made a grow box that is 4' x 2' x 2'. I had to remove the 250w HID light because it got too hot and my poor little plant burned to death. What kind of light can I use that will not get too hot?
Cannabis, Ohio

Dear Andre,
Heat is the biggest problem with small, enclosed grow boxes. Use a lamp that generates as little heat as possible. Vent the heat out of the box to keep the growroom below 80F. Check out several different compact fluorescent lamps including the 65w flood found at Home Depot, or the larger 95w and 125w lamps, from in North America and Growth Technology in Europe. These lights are very bright for the amount of electricity they consume. The ballast is attached to the bulb, which makes it generate more heat. Hang the compact fluorescent vertically with no reflector in the grow box. A reflector acts as a heat accumulator and should be avoided. Place a vent fan in the top of the grow box just above the bulb so that heat from the fixture can escape quickly and not build up inside. Make a vent near the bottom of the box so cool air can enter. Keep the door in the grow box open whenever possible to provide more ventilation.